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Snapshots of what’s really there …

Taking pictures is a way of observing a thing until it becomes unfamiliar. When I see it change, that’s the moment I’ll take the shot. Yet no matter the change, there always seems to be an essence there, the thing that was there from the start. So no matter how much things change, they are really still as before.

Maybe time is making us see facets of a whole, creating the illusion of change, giving us something to do moment by moment. Like you and I might appear to change with time, still somehow we are always recognizable as ”us”. Time could be the prism keeping us mesmerised, enabling us to see interesting details, yet preventing us from recognizing the actual whole.

What is actually there
I suspect we all are
Unchanged as One
Hidden by time

… come to think of it,
maybe that’s what I am really trying to capture.

henry bronett ©2022


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