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A not so splendid day

This day hadn’t started all that well for Reginald Bentley-Farnsworth III. And so it continued. First the lavatory broke and he had been forced to call a plumber all by himself, as Mayfield the lazy tosser for a butler, had once again missed his 0500h. commute.
Then morning tea was ruined as Mayfield, who had finally arrived, brought sad news; The demise of Titan, his beloved prize bull, who apparently had climaxed himself to death.
To top it all off, only just now had he realised his Rolex was broken and so he was late for his Friday date.
“And I have yet to take my morning dump!”,
muttered Reginald Bentley-Farnsworth III, hurrying to his rendezvous d’amour, adding an almost silent: “crap!”, gnawing his teeth.

© H. Bronett 2023


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